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  • Book design and production

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  • Book design and production

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  • Music CD design and production

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About Dean Olson

I'm Dean. Welcome.

I live in the LoHi neighborhood in Denver Colorado. I have lived all over the state (Telluride, Aspen, and Boulder) but have been calling Denver home for over 10 years now. I love Colorado and all it has to offer a weekend warrior like myself. Motorcycling, skiing, biking (all kinds), hiking, camping, surfing . . . well, sometimes I need to leave the state to continue the adventure.

I am also a warrior during the week. I have conquered all deadlines and can tame even the most gargantuan of projects. Production, design, print, or online . . . I have done it all. I am currently in the process of uping the ante by adding motion graphics to my game. I love a challenge and thrive in a collaborative evironment. I can fly solo, but find working on a team of creatives to be the most rewarding way to spend my time.

I am an entrepreneur at heart. I have founded, owned, and run a pizza joint in Telluride Colorado. I have a few years experience selling beer in Southern California. I'm talking by the truckload, not by the glass (though I did put myself through college bartending). Long before I was designing meditation programs, I was designing shipping boxes for LL Bean in order to export everything they sell to a new store in Japan.

I have many years experience in the publishing industry creating a diverse compliment of products, which include: Books, audio learning programs (6 or more CDs), music CDs, DVDs, online learning courses and events, apps for iPhone and iPad, eBooks, PowerPoint presentations, home study courses, websites, direct mail catalogs, trade publications, various packaging solutions, digital identity, and more.

I have passion for what I do. I love it. Lets work together.

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Skills experience

Catalog design and production

Oversaw production of the direct mail catalog campaign. From scheduling the project, based on desired in-home dates, through delivery and final approval of all files. All outside printer and paper vendor contact and communication. Merchandise and mapping of the catalog. All page layout and production. Ensure that all internal deadlines are met by working closely with the copy team and proofreaders through the integration of an Adobe InCopy workflow. Create and gather all product images and coordinate photoshoot when needed. Cover design. Coorodinate the routing of galleys/proofs to key personnel for approval process along the way. Prep, preflight, and delivery of all files. Communicate all versions and tests to printer representatives. Final approval of all delivered files prior to going on press. Perform press check when necessary.

I took the catalog production process from one involving up to 6 different designers / production artists to a much more streamlined, efficient, and proactive workflow requiring one dedicated person. Me. 5 mailings per year. Approximately 2 million books per year.

Book design and production

From cover design, to interior page layout design, through production and final delivery of files to vendors in the US, Canada, Korea, and China. Our books typically involve complex layouts due to the instructional nature of the content. I also perform press checks (S. Korea) for 4 color books as needed.

Motion Graphics

I love working with motion graphics in After Effects. It allows me to incorporate virtually all of the skills I have learned throughout the years and bring them into a new and exciting medium. With about two years of experience, I am still pretty new to the game, but I have the desire and determination to continue to grow and ultimately excel in the motion graphics industry. Please view the video at Emerging Women to see some of my latest motion graphics work (intro, lower thirds, graphics @ 2:21 & 3:19, outro). Thanks.

Package design and production

From initial concept of the cover design through delivery of final files. Myriad types of packaging printed with multiple vendors. Including, but certainly not limited to: Audio CD programs, Music CDs, DVDs, Home Study courses, cards, workbooks, inlays, overlays, sleeves, jackets, and trays. Dozens of different types of packaging that are constantly changing as we aim to keep costs down. Our packaging is printed throughout the United States as well as in China.


I love photography. I love photos. I love dogs. I love catching a precious moment. More a passion than a profession at this point, but I can get the job done behind the camera should the need arise. By the way, this is Fiona to the left. She is a puppy mill rescue dog. She is making the most of her second life as a superstar. We plopped her down after a catalog shoot and she gave me about 10 seconds of cooperation before leaning into downward dog and promptly exiting the stage. Love that pup.

App and eBook production

Convert product covers into launch screens, and printed material into eBooks.

website design and production

Website design and simple hand coding of HTML and CSS. Incorporate the use of Adobe Dreamweaver primarily for previewing and organization of the site.

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  • Phone: 303.513.####
  • Email: dean@deanolsongraphics.com